A drawing of Monty Python by Alyce  Dedicated Idiocy, A personal history of the Penn State Monty Python Society by Alyce Wilson

School Year 1989-1990

Blast from the MPS Past

The same night that I received the reply from John Cleese, I went to an Amnesty International benefit concert including David Williams, a Penn State and MPS alum who was, at the time, living and recording in New York City. I was there to approach him about doing a half-hour segment on him, including an interview, for my radio program. He readily accepted.

David was in MPS when they brought Graham Chapman there, in about 1983. He says that Graham was inhaling his pipe smoke, saying, "Well, it's the only vice I have left." Aside from that, Graham was pretty quiet.

David also said the Monty Python Society was a lot different when he was in it. They had tailgate parties, where they threw up a lot. Their major events were sponsoring movie showings on campus and participating in the homecoming parade. I told him what we were doing at the time, and he said we sounded a lot more organized. Not that anyone sane would notice.


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