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School Year 1989-1990

Reply from John Cleese

Much to my amazement, on January 20 I received a card from John Cleese. It was a blank card with a print of "The Old Mill" by Vincent van Gogh on the front.

John Cleese card - front (Click to enlarge)


Fri 19th Jan.

Dear Alyce,

Thank you for your lovely letter. I very much appreciate it.

It really was very sad about Graham. He seemed at last to be getting his life together and then... wham! I was signing some Python stuff yesterday and it seemed strange to have only five signatures on it.

Ah, well...

At least the memorial service was splendid. Funny at moments, too. Graham was always late for everything and at the service Michael Palin said "But I'm sure Graham is with us today... or at least he will be in 20 minutes."

Thanks again for writing.

John Cleese

John Cleese card (Click to enlarge)

In an amazing display of synergy, as I typed that letter, a commercial for Titleist golf balls, featuring John Cleese, came on the television. Oh, God and her absurdist sense of humor. Must be having a grand old time up there with Graham.


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