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“The sun is new each day.”

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

The title of this post is taken from Heraclitus, and while I am no Greek scholar, it feels appropriate. It’s amazing how much can change on the Internet in six years. My original portfolio site, launched in 2004, was cobbled together painstakingly (if amateurishly) using DreamWeaver. Today, it could look more dated only if it featured blinking images and a background loop of MIDI music.

Back then, I included a blog, “Musings,” on my site at friend’s suggestion, in order to have regularly updated content. Unsure how to embed a blog from another platform into my site, I created new pages each day (again, using DreamWeaver). In 2007, on the advice of a fellow writer, I began mirroring those entries in LiveJournal and have since attracted a following and made new contacts. My personal blog, “Through the Looking Glass,” will continue there. I’ll also include a link on this site to my earlier blog entries.

For this blog, I will address topics related to writing and editing, along with my thoughts on books and other relevant topics. I hope to occasionally entice a guest blogger to share thoughts.

You’ll also be able to view my latest tweets and to peruse (and purchase) my literary projects.

Here’s to a new day in the bright new sun of 2010.