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School Year 1989-1990

Great Ides-of-October Mystery Event: Graham Chapman Tribute

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Sunday, October 15, 1989

I had to work this morning's brunch, but I managed to get out early, in time to make it to the Great Ides-of-October Mystery Event. Andy and Beth [Note: my brother and sister] came up for the occasion, as well. I changed into my policeman's shirt and took my bag of props with me down to Old Main.

A few people were gathered out front, but neither L.J. ["Trotsky" Sparvero] nor Eric [Schr9ager] were there. I got things rolling by hanging signs on Cathy Nelson and Steve Gradess, giving them a bucket, and telling them to collect for the American Cancer Society. Then, I had some of the participants write down some listings of their characters for the Loony competition, on 3-by-5 cards I'd brought with me.

I had Linda Novak call L.J. and Eric, to discover that L.J. wasn't coming and Eric would be late, since he'd overslept.

So before anything else, we had a candlelight vigil, as it was 1 p.m. and broad daylight. I lit everyone's candle and led them in a line to the Old Main steps. Then I stood up on one leg and began the little service, saying, "I'm going to say a few words about Graham Chapman, first in my normal voice and then in a high, squeaky one."

I continued. "Graham Chapman was certainly my favorite Monty Python person. I will miss him greatly, and I think he added a lot of positive things to comedy. He's affected me, and I think he's given something to a whole lot of other people." Then, I squeaked, "And I think Monty Python is one of the funniest comedy groups ever to come along. And Graham Chapman was great, ho yes!"

Then I stepped down and let anyone else get up who wanted to. Among the comments were, "Well, we know that Graham is up there now, and it's Christmas... (laughter), and he's getting everyone in a silly mood and preparing the place for more Monty Python, when the time comes."

Also, "Where the heck are the other officers?"

"And now for something completely different... I feel Graham Chapman was a great talent and will be sorely missed... and what's all this, then?"

When everyone who wanted to had spoken, we ended with the Philosopher's Song and then blew out our candles.


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