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School Year 1989-1990

Curry and The Campus Voice Article

Before I get to the Great Ides-of-October Mystery Event, which was a tribute to Graham Chapman, how about a fun interlude?

This definition of curry was tucked into my journal with no explanation. Perhaps I had intended to slip it into the newsletter but never found space for it:

Curry (kûr'e) n.pl. -ries 1. Curry powder. 2. A heavily spiced relish or sauce made with curry powder and eaten with rice, meat, fish, or other food. 3. A dish seasoned with curry powder.

What is the significance of lemon curry in today's modern society? We often take for granted the spicy things in life that make things more enjoyable. We fail to relish our good experiences (such as when we're sauced), and we powder over our good times with a rice-white melodrama. We don't have any meat in our lives (a prospect that seems fishy to me), and we don't take enough time for food for thought. What is the world coming to when small children can yell "Ni!" at old grandmothers? I'd rather stuff them full of lemon curry so that they'll shut up.

And since I'm already off-topic, I may as well mention here that this was the month an article on us appeared in the national publication The Campus Voice. It was a poster-sized publication that could be posted in the student centers or dorms of colleges around the nation, and our particular article was posted in a stairwell at the Hetzel student union building (the HUB), a stairwell which no longer exists. The poster does exist, however, rolled up in a box of old posters in my apartment.

It hung for awhile on my dorm room wall, but since I didn't care about the other articles, I covered them up with aluminum foil and Monty Python pictures.

Campus Voice poster (Click to enlarge)

I was never terribly thrilled about the fact that they used a picture of the bra removal event from the Upperclass Twit of the Year sketch as their illustration, but we didn't have any control over that. None of the guys in MPS complained. Funny, that.

Campus Voice article (Click to enlarge)

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