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By Alyce Wilson


August 2007

August 31, 2007 -
      Googling Exes

I find some interesting info on a couple of my exes... Read more

August 30, 2007 -
      Wedding Fitness

I make progress on my fitness goal for my upcoming wedding... Read more

August 29, 2007 -
      Up and Down Day

The Gryphon meets with his groomsmen and I have a mixed day... Read more

August 28, 2007 -
    Finishing Fashion Touches

With my sister's help, I take care of some wedding related items... Read more

August 27, 2007 -
      Sister Act

My sister visits to work on wedding stuff with me... Read more

August 23, 2007 -
      Dueling Dentists

I have two fillings by as many dentists in one month... Read more

August 22, 2007 -
      This Floating World

Watching The Fountain gets me thinking about the concept of attachment...
      Read more

August 21, 2007 -
      Love and Wine

We finalize honeymoon plans and celebrate our fourth anniversary...
       Read more

August 17, 2007 -
      Found Summer

I share some recent finds... Read more

August 16, 2007 -
      Hot Wedding Planning

The heat wave breaks and I work on our wedding list... Read more

August 15, 2007 - Life's CV
I'm asked for a list of my accomplishments over the last 10 years... Read more

August 14, 2007 -
Simpsons Sunday
The Gryphon and I drive home and see a movie... Read more

August 13, 2007 -
      Standing on Ceremony

We plan our wedding ceremony and go to a homecoming event... Read more

August 9, 2007 -
      The Name Game

I explain why I'm keeping my maiden name... Read more

August 8, 2007 -
      Otakon Wrap-Up

I attend an Otakon wrap-up meeting and take our kitty to the vet... Read more

August 7, 2007 -
      Back in the Game

After a lengthy hiatus, The Gryphon and I play Confed again... Read more

August 3, 2007 -
      Otakon Pics

Some more pics from this year's Otakon... Read more

August 2, 2007 -
      Dead Dog, Pink Cat Ears

One more big press related task and then time to party... Read more

August 1, 2007 -
      Social Butterfly

I take in a water ballet, join friends for dinner, hobnob with VIPs and friends...
      Read more


































































































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