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Archives - 2007

December 2007
(wherein there lie a budget meeting, hypothetical arguments, winter weather, Girls Weekend Out, Christmas planning, insights into me, holiday celebrations.

November 2007
(wherein there lie Halloween parties, reorganization and planning, book ideas, celeb lookalikes, self-portraits, Philcon and Thanksgiving.)

October 2007
(wherein there lie our retrofuturistic wedding, our honeymoon in Orlando, a literary event and Halloween decor.)

September 2007
(wherein there lie a marriage license, BBQ, wedding program paper, 37th birthday, guest books, wedding hairdo, reception touches, and a wedding checklist.)

August 2007
(wherein there lie water ballerinas, a Dead Dog party, Confed fun, wrap-up meeting, my name, a homecoming and our wedding ceremony, life achievements, honeymoon plans, attachment, dentists, my sister, fitness goals and exes.)

July 2007
(wherein there lie wedding rings, found film, The Gryphon's 40th birthday, 15 seconds of fame, my bridal gown, wedding music, Otakon 2007 and a lost and found kitty.)

June 2007
(wherein there lie hometown pics, dancing at Bryn Mawr, musical improv class, found items, a fixed camera, a dress fitting, blues in Media, fun in Vermont, dog haters, ice cream eaters, self-perceptions and invitations.)

May 2007
(wherein there lie camera phone pics, American Idol finals and winner, annual medical convention, a poetry reading, my bridal shower, eyebrow waxing, wedding planning, brunch with friends, a visit to Central Pennsylvania, a Memorial Day BBQ.)

April 2007
(wherein there lie a wild mimsy and Wild Violet, American Idol finals, wedding menu tasting, Spamalot, Philly Film Fest, memories of tragedy, wedding bands, and spring flowers.)

March 2007
(wherein there lie American Idol finals, a wine tasting, improv class, the Philadelphia Flower Show, found items, and warmer weather.)

February 2007
(wherein there lie Goucher College pics, found business letters, a comedy troupe audition, improv class, winter weather, the Philadelphia Auto Show, Valentine's celebrations, honeymoon and wedding planning and American Idol semifinals.)

January 2007
(wherein there lie a New Year's bash, wedding decor ideas, a friend's 40th, sound adventures, healing dreams, found items, gelatto, new glasses, American Idol wannabes, Otakon retreat, a Red Dwarf marathon, advanced improv and hottness.)














































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