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30 Queries in 30 Days: #10

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

My son’s second day at preschool, and everything’s going swimmingly. It’s fun to see him running around singing nursery rhymes that are new to him.

Today got away from me again, but I did manage to do something:

10) Submitted proposal via Elance for creative writing job writing short blurbs for newsletters based on a prompt.

30 Queries in 30 Days: #9

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Since I was too busy in the early morning hours wondering how my son was doing on his first day of preschool, I stuck with something simple today, submitting a proposal via Elance:

9) Submitted a job proposal via Elance for an assignment proofreading a 70-page e-book.

Regarding the rejection I received for the press release writing job, I tried to send a message to the client to ask what specifically they didn’t like about the style of my press release examples. However, it turns out that on, you’re not allowed to contact a client about a rejected proposal unless they contact you. Then again, as any writer knows, it’s rare to get ANY sort of feedback for rejections, so I should be grateful I even got what I did.

I’m only a little more than a week into this project, and I’m finding that it’s very easy to work into my schedule. This could, indeed, become a habit.

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