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School Year 1992-1993

Once Upon a Time

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MPS history was made at the February 17 meeting, where Mark Sachs and I brainstormed plans for the great Coke-In.


Wednesday, February 17, 1993

Suzanne [Moskalski] showed up shortly after I had informed the woman studying in 267 Willard that there would be a Monty Python meeting in there soon. She vacated, and we took over.

Bernhard Warg was the next to show. Shortly afterward, Andrija [Popovic] showed up. Next, my brother showed up.

Andrija stood up and started reading aloud a flyer about a Spring Break seminar, that is supposed to prepare you for anything you might encounter on break. The flyer mentioned things like "Suntanning, Safe Sex and Eating Out." They also said they'd be distributing things like condoms and oranges.

"With an orange?" we were saying, and then, "With a melon?" I made an unintentional innuendo by saying, slowly, "Eating... out." Andy [Wilson, my brother] started chuckling, and only then did I realize what I'd said.

By now, most other MPS members had drifted in, including Mark Sachs, Cathy Nelson, Neale Lanigan, Jen Hoffman, Joe Foering, Matt Pyson, Holli Weisman, and Steve Gradess. Mark distributed newsletters, and we sat down to look at them. My second installment on apartment living was on the back page. Jen and a couple others told me they liked my interpretation of a conversation in the wee hours outside an apartment building: "Hey!" "Wooo!" "Hey!" Woooooooo!"

The meeting got underway. First was business. We came up with an idea for the Great Ides-of-October Mystery Event, to be held in March. Mark said something about Penn State's policy that official representatives should refrain from drinking Pepsi competitors in official appearances. I suggested a Coke-In in front of Old Main. Everyone loved the idea. We played around with the thought of getting Rob Kampia [Note: Rob Kampia was then Penn State student council president and was widely known for his activism, particularly for marijuana legalization] to join us, as well as having [Penn State University President] Joab Thomas or [football coach] Joe Paterno imitators drinking Coke. We said we could have informational pamphlets about how Coke is great for stripping paint and cleaning beakers.

Somebody said, "But how does it taste?"

And Mark replied, "Ughhh. You don't expect me to drink it."


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