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School Year 1992-1993

The McLaughlin Group

In addition to British comedy, MPS members had an appreciation for American comedy of all varieties, and some of our recurring sketches were based on Saturday Night Live sketches, such as the recurring McLaughlin Group sketches, penned by Joe Foering.

October 7, 1992

The meeting was fun tonight. Joe Foering did a partial-improv skit based on The McLaughlin Group, a public television forum. Joe was the moderator and Jen [Hoffman], Bernhard [Warg], Carl Haicken and Mark Sachs were the panelists. Every time someone made a remark, Joe called out "WRONG!" Then, after everyone had their say, he gave the supposedly right answer to each of the topic questions he'd posed. Joe's answers to each question were, of course, scripted out, but the panelists' answers were not.

For the first time this semester, I really got into the swing of the meeting. I was coming up with puns and jokes and messing around. We did some stream of consciousness things and worked on signs for this year's Homecoming Parade.

After the meeting a bunch of us went down to the [College] Diner. Rick, who will be a flasher in the parade, was wearing two wide-brimmed felt hats (one red and one fuschia). He also had a pair of scissors, and he was making jokes with them, asking me if I wanted to "have some fun" as he flourished them around. I was borderline frightened, so I told him to put them away.

Clearly, this was the darker side of MPS. To counter the bad juju, here's an amusing child's exercise I found at about this time:

How Would You Blow These Things? (Click to enlarge)

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