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School Year 1992-1993

Mall Climb/Twit of the Year


The President's Bilge is still being passed down from president to president (thanks, Fred Coppersmith !), although many of the materials contained therein are now presumably incomprehensible to the current members. They survive as strange relics, to which no doubt some archeologist will some day ascribe religious significance.

For example, this photo of the Mall Climb from 1993.

Mall Climb 1993 (Click to enlarge)

front (from left): Neale Lanigan, Bernhard Foering.
back: Andrija Popovic, Joe Foering, Jean Prior, me, Suzanne Moskalski.

"These native peoples," the archeologist may surmise, "were engaged in a tribal ritual wherein the participants alter their perceptions and then make a shamanistic journey to the symbolic receptacle of knowledge, aided only by cooperation and arcane foodstuffs (grappling Spam)."


Or what would they make of these biographies, written on 3-by-5 cards, presumably for that year's Upperclassman Twit of the Year contest?

Twit cards #1 (Click to enlarge)  Twit cards #3 (Click to enlarge)  Twit cards #2 (Click to enlarge)


"At an annual festival," the archeologist might write, "this tribal culture would ceremoniously adopt alternate identities, intended to represent revered archetypes from their society. They would then engage in games where they would compete for dominance. This ritual would represent the struggles between different strata of society, with the winner being submitted to ritual sacrifice (a kick in the pants)."

I suppose that, should I care to go through these holy relics, I could make some sense of many of them. But hey, when were archeologists ever wrong?


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