Free the Hole protest drawn by Alyce  Dedicated Idiocy, A personal history of the Penn State Monty Python Society by Alyce Wilson

School Year 1990-1991

(Inter)national Monty Python Society

At about this time, the spring semester of 1991, I began to make contacts with other Monty Python fans around the world, including some very silly letter exchanged between myself and Robert Trumble of the Mensa Monty Python special interest group.

It started with me posting a message to a couple Usenet newsgroups. [Note: In those days, the Web did not yet exist, and most Internet users networked via bulletin boards. One of the biggest was, and still is, Usenet. Though there were fewer overall users there were, however, still plenty of outrageous flamers and naughty twinks. Hmm, I wonder how many interesting Google hits I'll get from that last remark?]

I received messages (and newsletters) from people in Denmark, San Diego, Canada, Texas, Indiana, New Jersey, Colorado, Arizona, Pitt University, Chicago and England, all sharing information on local Monty Python fan clubs or expressing interest in an international club.

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But though I tossed around the idea to other Pythonites in MPS, no one else took up the cause. And even in those days, I wasn't foolish enough to believe I could head up such a massive undertaking myself.

Instead, I had to satisfy myself with putting together a list of Monty Python fan clubs which, though woefully out of date, still circulates on the Internet. I'm going to update it one of these days. Really, I am.


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