A drawing of Monty Python by Alyce  Dedicated Idiocy, A personal history of the Penn State Monty Python Society by Alyce Wilson

School Year 1989-1990

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

On Wednesday after the Second Annual Upperclassman Twit of the Year Run, a group of conspirators gathered at Willard Building. The plan was to plant a heckler in the crowd. They would argue with Gary and then say, "I didn't expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition!" Foom! The Spanish Inquisition appears out of Willard Building and launches into their spiel. Then they announce the annual Mall Climb, and the whole group of Pythons runs off yelling "Ni!"

The Willard Preacher (Click to enlarge)


Well, the major problem was that the Willard Preacher wasn't there. We ended up compromising by getting two guys to fight out in front of the building. Then one of them yelled the cue, and we all ran out. We got a good crowd reaction, especially when we ran off yelling "Ni!"

Pierre [Peter Stanton], who'd dressed up in a bathrobe and sandals, was carrying a sign that said, "Sinners Repent!" He didn't know enough to run off at the cue, so we had to go back and get him a little later.

On Friday, another of the Willard Preacher's usual days, we did the Spanish Inquisition again. At least Gary Cattell, the Willard Preacher, was there that day. But the problem was that Rob Lindsay, whose job was to give the cue, waited too long. He waited so long, in fact, that most of the crowd were gone. Some publicity stunt! I eventually got Pete Uoth to shout the line, unprovoked. But that's all that mattered — that the line got said!!!

So the event went off a little smoothly, but not perfectly. We ran off yelling "Ni!" again.


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