Looneys drawn by Alyce  

Dedicated Idiocy, A personal history of the Penn State Monty Python Society by Alyce Wilson

School Year 1991-1992


Following along with our tradition of having an Ides-of-October Mystery Event (not always actually held in October), we had an event planned for Friday, November 22. But we called it off because it was rainy and wet, and the event was only asking people if they could tell the difference between Penn State president Joab Thomas and a dead crab. We later used those signs at our table at the Student Involvement Fair, to attract new members.

Our spring meetings included the following topics: January 22, How to Do It; February 5, Blasphemy Night; February 19, MPS Dance Marathon; March 4, British Comedy Night; March 18, Skits-o-phrenia; April 1, How the World Can Be Saved By Steam; April 15, Monty Python Sell Out (To Pay Their Taxes); April 29, Historical Impersonations.

I have to assume that it was intentional that the schedule once again said it was for "Spring 1990," when it was actually Spring 1992.

Schedule for Spring 1992 (Click to enlarge)

At the How to Do It meeting, I demonstrated how to staple oranges once more. I also read aloud from the Brand New Monty Python Papperbok, reading from the "How To" section. I pretended I was on television, and when Steve Gradess changed the channel, I simply continued with a different part of the "How To" section. Everybody seemed to enjoy it.

Somebody did a brilliant job with the flyers for the Monty Python Sell Out meeting:

Monty Python Sell Out Flyer (Click to enlarge)

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