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School Year 1992-1993

Homecoming Parade

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While I don't have either a journal entry nor a write-up of the 1992 Homecoming Parade, I did take some super pictures.

Alyce Wilson (Click to enlarge)

Alyce "The Colonel" Wilson (too silly!)


Andy Wilson (Click to enlarge)

Monk Andy Wilson blesses the Pythonites on their journey.


Jen Hoffman and Suzanne Moskalski (Click to enlarge)

Jen Hoffman adds bunny ears to complete the flasher outfit of Suzanne Moskalski.
In the background, Matt Pyson as a Gumby figures practices brick Tai Chi.


Jen Hoffman and Alyce Wilson (Click to enlarge)

Jen Hoffman (minstrel) and Alyce Wilson (Whats all this, then?)

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