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School Year 1989-1990

Homecoming Parade: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

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That year's homecoming parade was dedicated to Graham Chapman, with many people dressed as Graham Chapman characters. We also had several pallbearers, dressed in black, who carried a coffin, lovingly crafted by Jon "Kzin" Kilgannon, who made a dashing undertaker but would not permit photos of himself. Instead, his hat stood in for all pictures.

Homecoming coffin (Click to enlarge)

Thus, this earnest but odd directive in the parade handout distributed to MPS members: "We need to get the coffin in our place by 2:45 p.m. on Friday. We need to volunteers to help me move it from Alyce & Jenny's room. We will meet in their room by 2:30 SHARP!"

The only thing odder than that in the instructions was the following: "Everyone moon Bryce Jordan when we go by the Presidential review stand (see map). Also, the Engineering Platoon will be laying land mines along the likely route of advance, and the Howitzer Battery will provide artillery support. The squadron of Soviet Mi-24d helicopter gunships I asked for may not arrive in time, so don't count on air superiority."

This was the last time we let Trotsky write the instructions.

Homecoming instructions (Click to enlarge)         Homecoming lyrics (Click to enlarge)

Homecoming map (Click to enlarge)

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