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School Year 1988-1989

Homecoming Parade: Holy Grail

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Homecoming 1988 (Click to enlarge)

Homecoming parade 1988 (Click to enlarge)

The Penn State Monty Python Society and the Holy Grail
(photos by Paul Farkas)


Here's how I wrote about the event in the first ever Completely Different newsletter:


While other organizations were pursuing less noble causes, we went in search of the Holy Grail. On the way, we encountered a parade, so we joined it. Numbered amongst our participants were several Gumbies, about three five knights (including Brave Sir Robin and his minstrels), a pantomime goose, a "nudge nudge, wink wink" man, two shrubberies, two pigeon fanciers, a lumberjack, twenty Vikings, and a Trojan rabbit. Whoops! Sorry. We didn't have a pantomime goose or any Vikings, but we did have a can of Spam.

We followed a bunch of men dressed up as ladies, presumably from some fraternity. A few French citizens disguised as innocent bystanders pelted us with marshmallows, but our knights defended us gallantly (save Sir Robin, who bravely ran away).

At the judges' stand, we showed our devotion and utter submissiveness to their magnificent power by kneeling down and bowing to their excellence, in a show of lowly humility. Somehow, they mistook our sheepish self-abasement for sarcasm. A uniformed person with a walkie-talkie bludgeoned us into moving along.

We reached the end of the parade route successfully, only getting lost or confused about four times. Unfortunately, we are no nearer to our quest, the Holy Grail. We do, however, still have a slightly severely dented can of Spam."



We even made the papers:

Monty Python Mania article (Click to enlarge)

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