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School Year 1992-1993

Happy Happy Joy Joy Party Party

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I don't remember exactly when, but I believe it was either 1991 or 1992 that Mark Sachs designed our wonderful new T-shirt, featuring a silly walker in front of Old Main. I wrote the Top Ten list on the back, with some input from other MPS members.

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We were always coming up with strange ideas for things to do on campus, such as singing Marxmas carols, which came up at the end of our holiday party.


December 2, 1992

Tonight was the Happy Happy Joy Joy Party Party to mark the end of the semester.

I was one of the first people to show up, once again. I was waiting for Mark [Sachs] to show up, but for once he was not early. Before he showed up, Neale [Lanigan] walked in with his VCR and Bernhard [Warg] came in with his color monitor. Joe [Foering] was right behind them, already cracking jokes. I exchanged quotes with them for awhile and then sat down again.

When Mark walked in the door, I called out "Mark!!! I have dibs on Mark: I said his name first!"

Mark reacted appropriately: "At last! Somebody wants to talk to me." I took him an article I'd written for Completely Different and told him I was planning to do a series on apartment living. I also gave him the banners I'd done up for the student involvement fair last semester, because he should be the one who keeps them.

When Holli showed up, I did the same with her, shouting that I had dibs. I gave her the page I'd torn out of Pennsylvania Musician, advertising the Incoherent. [Note: This was close to the name of a fictional band, the Incoherent Mercenaries, which featured in a Caverns of Your Mind Players sketch on my radio show on the campus radio station, WPSU.]

The same thing when Jen [Hoffman] showed up: "I have dibs!" I shouted. Then I returned her "Dracula" magazine to her and gave her the Free the Hole video, saying as I did so, "And that's not all; you also get this copy of the Free the Hole video!" As I said that, I pulled the video in and out of its case quickly, like some schmaltzy hawker on the Home Shopping Channel.

Since tonight's agenda mainly consisted of watching The Rutles, only one person came prepared with a skit. Actually, he's had two skits planned, but he couldn't do one of them because he'd left his tape recorder at home. The skit was "Tae Quantum Leap," [Note: Presumably this was an attempt to blend the Frantics sketch "Tae Kwon Leap" with a parody of the show "Quantum Leap"] and the title was the funniest part of it.

We watched a Ren and Stimpy cartoon first, the one where they are rubber nipple salesmen. During the video, we munched on Twizzlers and miniature candy bars that Cathy [Nelson] had brought and sipped soda Jen had brought. Somebody else had brought Doritos. I led everybody in a group "Thank you" to the people who'd brought munchies.


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