Just say no to Pepsico!

School Year 1992-1993

The Coke-In

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The Coke-In began as a brainstorm at a meeting.

I ended up heading the planning process, with the help of an enthusiastic planning committee. Like the Free the Hole protest a few years before, the Coke-In was a very silly protest on a serious issue: the $14 million exclusive contract Penn State had just signed with PepsiCo, preventing them from selling any other type of soft drink on campus.

Whereas the Free the Hole protest had been almost a spur of the moment event — suggesting at a Wednesday meeting and performed the following Friday — the Coke-In ended up as a full-blown media event, involving press releases, publicity, writing skits, and securing seemingly endless permits.

These included permits for a fundraising and publicity table we set up at the foot of the Campus Mall.

Coke-In table permit (Click to enlarge)      Coke-In table permit - page 2 (Click to enlarge)

Coke-In table permit - page 3 (Click to enlarge)


And of course, for the Coke-in itself.

Coke-In permit (Click to enlarge)      Coke-in permit - page 2 (Click to enlarge)


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