Free the Hole protest drawn by Alyce  Dedicated Idiocy, A personal history of the Penn State Monty Python Society by Alyce Wilson

School Year 1990-1991

Busy, Busy, Busy

By the spring of 1991, my journal entries became even sparser, in part because of the massive amount of work that was starting, as I progressed into higher level courses, and partly because I was dating a control freak, a.k.a. Leechboy, whom I always suspected of reading my journals. He has since been "downsized
" by the Pirahna Brothers. Well, one can hope.

According to the newsletter, we were slated to participate in Spring Week activities the week of April 15, in conjunction with the Interfraternity Council. Funny, don't remember that at all. Must have blocked it out. Frat boys. Ick.

The Upperclassmen Twit of the Year was held on April 28, and the annual Mall Climb was on May 4. Sadly, I have write-ups of neither event, but there was this intriguing note in Completely Different about the Twit of the Year: "Twits should bring a text book and materials (such as campaign buttons) for running for USG."

Events consisted of Waking the roommate (Meg Jeffery), walking a straight line with a book on the head, killing squirrels, drink yourself dead, kick the Willard Preacher, silly walks, run for U.S.G., silly walks, dress poker and something called "Barf-Fig-Newton."

Twit of the Year 1991 (Click to enlarge)


I decided, due to my hectic schedule, not to run for reelection as MPS president, backing Cathy Nelson, who was duly elected. Huzzah!

I should mention at this point that for as long as he was a member of the MPS, Damon Buckwalter had a strange tradition of running for every office and not being elected. Either that or running for fictitious offices. I think if we had elected him, he would have had a heart attack right there. Everyone liked Damon, but once you've started a tradition like that, there's just no stopping it. Ask Martin Scorcese.

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