The Fighting Red Onionhead, a.k.a. Roger, a.k.a. Ode de Capa  Dedicated Idiocy, A personal history of the Penn State Monty Python Society by Alyce Wilson

School Year 1988-1989

Completely Different Non-Subscriptions

My freshman year, I was still writing avidly to some of my friends back home, of whom a few were lucky recipients of Completely Different.

I enclosed this letter with one of my January 1989 mailings:

Dear Subscriber:

We apologize for the late mailing of your third issue of the world-renowned newsletter, Completely Different. We hope this has not inconvenienced you in any way, but we do hope that you will continue to give us your support in subscribing.

Your last issue of the fantastic newletter, Completely Different, will be mailed to you whenever we publish the last issue of this semester. Afterwards, you will have to renew your subscription.

The rates for subscribing are reasonable and affordable, so check off the box and write out your check today.


Norma Armsby, Public Relations

___ YES! I want to subscribe to Completely Different, the only newsletter for me! I will mail my check for thirty dollars for the next year's issues. I would also like to enclose a small contribution.

       Circle one: $100      $1000       $345,726,890

___ NO! I do not want to subscribe to Completely Different. I am a git, and I wear socks to bed and blow my nose on my pillow. However, I wouldn't mind it if you sent several large hedgehogs to beat me up and carve Gothic designs on my thigh.

___ WHAT?!? You expect me to pay thirty dollars to get your measly little non-newsletter? Keep sending them to me for free or I shall taunt you a second time, you English K-nigget!

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