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Archives - 2009

December 2009
(wherein there lie Thanksgiving with family, prenatal test results, musings on Pushing Daisies and SyFy's Alice, Christmas prep, snow pics, and holiday celebrations)

November 2009
(wherein there lie Halloween parties, a car repair, Charlie Chaplin, a breast-cancer fundraiser, pregnancy FAQ, fall photos, news overload, Otakon planning, and Philcon fun)

October 2009
(wherein there lie a spiritual anime series, camera phone pics, a sister visit, an introduction, pregnancy news, Otakon meeting, and Four Yorkshiremen)

September 2009
(wherein there lie a Confed wedding, a juvenile essay, Labor Day and birthday celebrations, Otakon elections, photos, gifts and Murphy's Law, our second wedding anniversary)

August 2009
(wherein there lie Otakon coverage and wrap-up meeting, a found friend, MJ memorabilia, a wetland, juvenile writings, dinner parties, Philly pics)

July 2009
(wherein there lie best picture winners, family pics, an amusement park, vintage Otakon pics, Otakon 2009, summer ish of Wild Violet, cat love)

June 2009
(wherein there lie a Mets game, a visit to New York, a found photo, Oscar winners, found photos, Wild Violet graphics, teenage poetry, Father's Day, a park, Michael Jackson's death, an Otakon panic meeting.)

May 2009
(wherein there lie the American Idol finale, an annual convention, Edward Gorey and Andrew Wyeth, Nikki Giovanni, Spinal Tap, a Greek festival, personals, and my baby book.)

April 2009
(wherein there lie American Idol, a month of poetry, Philadelphia Film Festival, Oscar winners, flower pics, blue zones, found spring.)

March 2009
(wherein there lie snow pics, dangling conversations, American Idol semifinals and finals, clairvoyant dreams, Oscar winners, The Watchmen, a Robot Buddy, safety rope, drug policy, Shakespeare and zombies, migraines, and a trip to Virginia.)

February 2009
(wherein there lie the Philadelphia Auto Show, Linus and Lucy, American Idol semifinals, the Simeone Foundation Museum, found Valentines, Valentine's Day love, lucid dreams, Oscar winners, a scapegoat and games.)

January 2009
(wherein there lie resolutions, a New Year's Eve party, memories, Oscar winners, blurry beauty, found truth or dare, American Idol auditions, a new couch, alternate Alyces, and a retreat.)













































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