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Archives - 2008

December 2008
(wherein there lie Philcon, Thanksgiving, sexual healing, Confed, a dream book, NYC trip and Christmas.)

November 2008
(wherein there lie Halloween parties, a new president, Oscar winners, a rant, gadget quests, improv memories, Philcon.)

October 2008
(wherein there lie Oscar winners, Stereolab, bliss, a high school reunion, found items, Faericon, Bono, gadgets, cake, dog poets, secret agent cats, Halloween, The Who.)

September 2008
(wherein there lie Cthulhu, Virginia Woolf, Oscar winners, dreams, found items, my birthday, Wild Violet issue, an arts fest, doggie humor, a housewarming party, our anniversary.)

August 2008
(wherein there lie a found biography, movie reviews, obsolete technology, Otakon adventures, a poetry reading, found zen, a friend's party, and found sidewalk art.)

July 2008
(wherein there lie Hershey Park, Oscar winning movies, a found biography, fireworks, barbecues, a Confed adventure, car repairs, the panic meeting, secret names and The Gryphon's birthday.)

June 2008
(wherein there lie an eye exam, old friends, found items, movie reviews, dreams, heat, zombies, a book review, memories of George Carlin, cicadas, a barbecue, and Hershey Park.)

May 2008
(wherein there lie a Confed sesh, a medical banquet, American Idol final, Frida Kahlo, found items, movie reviews, books and friends.)

April 2008
(wherein there lie a surprise package, American Idol finals, the Philadelphia Film Festival, blogging, found items, sad milestones, my top 100 movies, and Wild Violet.)

March 2008
(wherein there lie Arabic music, stories of royalty, American Idol semifinals, interstellar refugees, a Star Wars exhibit, a Goon Show play, 200+ things, sickness, photos, spring, and a pirate assassin.)

February 2008
(wherein there lie found items, Avenue Q, question memes, hometown visit, Across the University, American Idol, a married Valentine, the Oscars and a visit to a friend.)

January 2008
(wherein there lie a New Year's party, resolutions, naked self-esteem, resolutionaries, found items, snowbots, a book review, American Idol auditions, bath thoughts, old film, wedding gifts, a Red Dwarf marathon and Miss America.)














































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