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Archives - 2006

December 2006
(wherein there lie bridesmaids dresses, wedding music, busted tape recorders, new glasses, Christkindl, a friend's 40th, moving day for friends, and Christmas.)

November 2006
(wherein there lie improv class, Halloween, voting resources, wedding dress shopping, Philcon 2006, and Thanksgiving.)

October 2006
(wherein there lie an Otakon meeting, improv classes, a new niece, a retrofuturistic restaurant, a yard sale, random photos, a hippie wedding, cake tasting, engagement photos, florist arrangements, Halloween parties, a film screening and a retirement party.)

September 2006
(wherein there lie fun with my brother's family, my 36th birthday, reunion clothes shopping, wedding planning ideas, colorful neighbors, college buddies, improv lessons and a new niece!)

August 2006
(wherein there lie a birthday party, Otakon adventures, fitness progress, a pants quest, a new hairdo and a trip to Vermont.)

July 2006
(wherein there lie found objects, a Fourth of July party, The Gryphon's birthday, Otakon planning, tips on breaking bad habits, portraits of Alyce, American Idols live, my life in clothes.)

June 2006
(wherein there lie a picnic, found drawings, Da Vinci thoughts, a 21st reunion, weight loss struggles, Gone with the Wind times three, pretty cars, a wine and food fest, a family friend's funeral.)

May 2006
(wherein there lie improv performers, formal attire, a medical convention, the Mutter Museum, pictures of ducks, Otakon planning, found Fridays, a friend's wedding, Red Bank memories, an American Idol winner, and hot dogs and cats.)

April 2006
(wherein there lie film festivals, American Idol finalists, my sister's birthday, park pics, flower pics, a welcome home party, and dilated eyes.)

March 2006
(wherein there lie American Idol contestants, Oscar winners, improvisational scene work, an obedient dog, a baby shower, and interstellar detectives.)

February 2006
(wherein there lie an improv class, dog obedience training, spaceship adventures, found notes, snowstorm pics, girlie stuff, an LOTR marathon, cooking and lingerie, American Idol thoughts and a grad school buddy.)

January 2006
(wherein there lie a New Year's party, weight loss tips, MLK stories, interplanetary gem smugglers, an improv class, an Otakon retreat, DDR fun, sleep taping and Dad's birthday.)

























































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