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Archives - 2005

December 2005
(wherein there lie family visits, bouts of sickness, John Lennon, Philcon fun, the 12 Finds of Christmas, Christmas decorations, my nephew's first Christmas, and Best of Musings 2005.)

November 2005
(wherein there lie a Halloween party, an adopted kitty, a nurse dog, Vermont pictures, a summary of my life so far, rose photos, an improv club, found notes, cold weather, fun forwards, a poetry slam and Thanksgiving fun.)

October 2005
(wherein there lie a space race, Serenity, hairdresser tales, dream monsters, cops and monks, adoptive kitties, 80's prom dates, trophies, and Vermont explorations.)

September 2005
(wherein there lie preliminaries for a space race, a successful housewarming, hurricane thoughts, my 35th birthday, a staff meeting, a random meme about myself, the politics of happiness, kitty wishes, birthday celebrations with family, an irritating neighbor, old friends and videogames, and a detox diet.)

August 2005
(wherein there lie a Buca's birthday, ego searching, buns of steel, cable lessons, housewarming BBQ, hips & thighs of steel, terrible things, Philly fashion tips, bad dog day, Otakon roller-coaster, and a second anniversary.)

July 2005
(wherein there lie wedding pictures, beach babies, Bellefonte sightseers, dogs in the park, roleplayers, kickboxers, missing CD players, chocoholic moviegoers, hot topics, Star Trek's Scotty, flowers and computer ills.)

June 2005
(wherein there lie cheesy musical performances, formal events with Mummers, misspelled notes, celebrations with parents, up and down hot days, belly dancers, geek picnics, dress alterations, tan lines, the MJ verdict, found questionnaires, wedding crises, and my sister's wedding.)

May 2005
(wherein there lie Robocop wannabes, swimming dogs, yard sales, plumbers, moving day, found art, empty apartments, American Idol winners, and wedding preparation.)

April 2005
(wherein there lie Midnight Velvet clothes, a new place, packing boxes, American Idol contestants, the Philadelphia Film Festival, a new dress, Annie Get Your Gun, a weight loss milestone, and little things I'll miss about my place.)

March 2005
(wherein there lie snow, American Idol contestants, clairvoyant gym staffers, magma ducks, Philadelphia Flower Show, a baby shower, Margaret Cho, discarded red deer, Frankenstein kittens, confetti quest, scary clothes, a moving party and an apartment search.)

February 2005
(wherein there lie ComCon, hot tubs and dolphins, a new nephew, birthday dads, classic Chaplin, cookie diets, purple roses, Valentine's Day, Dali, weight loss milestone, spam warners, prolific poets, romantic restaurants, suicidal gonzo journalists, American Idol, bad fashions, and Oscar winners.)

January 2005
(wherein there lie New Year's parties, flowers, found paintings, monster dreams, cabin fever, snowy pictures, MLK, dust, accidental compliments, prodigal shovels, and a new nephew.)



















































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