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Archives - 2004

December 2004
(wherein there lie Thanksgiving, Spongebob, weight loss goals, Barbara Streisand hats, Fuji TV, Philcon guests, holiday belly dancers, mouse houdinis, Afghan restaurants, Cocoa Rice Krispie Treats, Christmas celebrations, and New Year's outfits.)

November 2004
(wherein there lie Stepford Wives and Halloween parties, a botched election, disappointed neighbors, autumn park pictures, Buffy and mice, new dress shows, a squirrel obsessed dog, cute Christmas dog T-shirts, girls' weekend, missing flower children, dogs walking people, election thoughts, relief of rain, and pastors and Thanksgiving.)

October 2004
(wherein there lie love robots, Lewis Black, introverted shapeshifters, Cheney and Edwards, super sense of smell, Christopher Reeve elegies, Titanic artifacts, an Otakon retreat, costume ideas, sentimental sweaters, Michael Moore, Penn State homecoming, blue pickaninnies, and Halloween pics.)

September 2004
(wherein there lie versions of me, photos, political thoughts, Labor Day picnics, International Festivals, 34-year-olds, picnic pics, gourd-shaped women, book sellers, eBay Elvis, dog thoughts, floods, e-books, computer goblins, squirrelly dogs, belly dancers, junked trucks, lazy poets and super heroes.)

August 2004
(wherein there lie a beach vacation, Otakon 2004, an anniversary, pet sitters, Sim babies, men in tights, Buffy thoughts, scary drug consequences, smart doggies, The Sims obsession and tweaked photos.)

July 2004
(wherein there lie Stepford Wives, Marlon Brando, oversized hippie clothes, fireworks, Michael Moore, bright days, the State College Arts Fest, bedroom makeovers, reborn computers, changes at Penn State, the ultimate before pictures, Wild Violet plans and purse dogs.)

June 2004
(wherein there lie picnics, Manet and the Sea, laundry Olympics, flowers, Harry Potter, one-hit wonders, found objects, Ronald Reagan and Ray Charles, married couples, dreams, miniskirts, weight loss pics, clever doggies, car shows, Captain America in hard times, cat-shaped cars, new swimsuits, Annie Lennox and Sting and reorganization projects.)

May 2004
(wherein there lie formal events, improv antics, a bridal shower, a moving party, The Life of Brian, rainy days, Mother's Day celebrations, shoes, war dreams, fake chalk outlines, Fantasia Barrino's triumph and a weight loss milestone.)

April 2004
(wherein there lie American Idols, a deferred spring, taxes, old friends passed on, the Philadelpha Film Festival, a shady character, The Apprentice, Bill Plympton, a funeral, ups and downs, karma and Murphy's Law.)

March 2004
(wherein there lie the Oscars, Ridley Creek Park photos, American Idol winners and losers, six degrees of Alyce, Philadelphia Flower Show photos, a Les Miserables review, the Penn State radio (WPSU) reunion, dinner with Frank Sinatra, pancakes and roses, and a David Bowie concert review.)

February 2004
(wherein there lie The Story of 'i' and Galaxy Express, my political soulmate, Doggie Valentine's, NASCAR Dads and security moms, my first book of poetry, groundhogs, American Idol wannabes, gay penguins, Valentine's Day celebrations, vegetarian chili, my inner Simon, car alarms, Ralph Nader, and Philly pics.)

January 2004
(wherein there lie resolutions, New Year's parties, live mouse traps, engagement announcements, dopplegangers, a Philly fire, closet memories, cleaning projects, pectoral injuries, Leonard Maltin insults, recurring dreams, doggie snow boots, a get-away weekend, grandfather tall tales, balanced checkbooks, internal alarms, editor's pet peeves, photos, a detour and an eye appointment.)


















































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