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Archives - 2003/2002

December 2003
(wherein there lie Thanksgiving celebrations, shopping expeditions, snow, Bowie concerts, Christmas charity, rain, Monty Python Society silliness, Philcon adventures, holiday wallpaper, Return of the King Top 10, more shopping, Top 5 Chrismas, a wacky Wilson Christmas, ode to a Sly cat and digital camera fun.)

November 2003
(wherein there lie Halloween Matha Stewart costumes, dogs wearing wigs, Penn State changes, a WPSU history, Girls Weekend Out, time-warped invites, recurring dreams, sad tales of mousies, a black out, artsy stuff at the Philadelphia museum, stories of a dreadful child, cable news musings, sunny thoughts, unlisted phone numbers, old friends and Dr. Whovians and things I'm thankful for.)

October 2003
(wherein there lie a Vermont journey, new car and new camera, the Governator, a haunted prison, the Mouth of Truth, a movie shoot, Steve and Eydie, a 60th celebration, Greyhound traveling, Eric Idle, a 15th class reunion and Halloween web sites.)

September 2003
(wherein there lie Total Information Awareness, jammed gaydars, birthday bliss, reunions, Halloween costumes, bananas and autographs, John Ritter, restaurant reviews, a Renaissance Faire, Hurricane Isabel and a road trip to Vermont.)

August 2003
(wherein there lie Planet Harlemm T-shirts, found negatives, juvenalia, strange West Virginian names, blizzards, comedians, Otakon adventures and "Alice in Wonderland" references, the super ego, sidekicks, mice, cold medicine, a folk festival, gonzo journalists, Mars, work and gray paint.)

July 2003
(wherein there lie wacky Wilsons, highlights, Greendale, patriotic monkeys, Barry White, pies, Kofi Annan, possess Fax machines, "Last Comic Standing," Harlemm Lee, ghost stories, State College Arts Fest, Mom, swimming, charlie horses, a drama queen, bok burnings and Interest-Questions.)

June 2003
(wherein there lie Katharine Hepburn, driving songs, crazy heat, Planet Harlemm, Santana, Hillary Clinton, Harry Potter, sweet Zamuna, people watching, cleaning closets, migraines, painting, bellydancing, end of school, rain, the swan's lament, strange letters found in the street.)

May 2003
(wherein there lie a shopping spree, persistent neighbors, "Fame," urban spelunking, me being squashed by the foot from "Monty Python," Memorial Day, a history of my hair, dangerous diet supplements, a stand-up success, FedEx, allergies, dreams, "The Matrix," Sandra Day O'Connor, new noises, 15-year reunion invitations, an elusive rainbow, the May Day Project, a book sale, hipster paradise, Mummers, John Barrymore, dancing with doctors and small town cruising.)

April 2003
(wherein there lie the Sing-along Sound of Music, Cowtowns, letters from Grandma, the "Golden Girl Premise," movers, "Shock and Awe," a shrinking woman, Dada decorating, robins, Degas, ghost kittens, Lyme Disease, Saddam Hussein and the Backstreet Boys, taxes, news anchors, nonsense, gender tests, stand-up comedy and April Fools.)

March 2003
(wherein there lie plastic people, pets, LSD, a cityscape, La Toya Jackson, the pope, a mysterious scarf, a lucky dog, a bird, imaginary conversations, Ziggy Marley, spring hope, guys, coffeehouses, spring, friends, pointless fighting, peace signs, paddles, blossoms, bellydancers, the Oscars, insane humans, lucid dreams, fictitious times, my sister, indie films, jazz and caffeine.)

February 2003
(wherein there lie personality profiles, personal ads, pet peeves, "My Big Fat Greek Life," dream reruns, "Chicago," the Michael Jackson controversy, blizzards, cyber worlds, random observations, fortune tellers, protests, things I love, spam, stand-up comedians, zombies, astrology, and parties.)

January 2003/December 2002
(wherein there lie 60-year-olds, 100 things about me, recycling, Bruce Springsteen, bad anime, bears, near death experiences, a devil baby, a clueless 18-year-old, Munchkins, messages in a bottle, creeps, suggestive sculpture, laughter, a Keanu Reeves look-alike, "Gone with the Wind," dogs and heathen gingerbread.)

















































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